How to choose the perfect size rug for your home

The biggest mistake we see is the rug being too small for the space. If you have a BIG room, select a BIG rug.

If you have a small budget, spend it in the living room were you spend most your time.

Living Room
1. Measure sofa length.

2. Select carpet. If your sofa is 244cm length, select a carpet 244cm length or more. (for 3-seater we usually suggest 3x2meters)

Usually 2-seater sofas are 150-200cm, 3-seater sofas are 200-250cm.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Dining Room

We suggest to select a carpet that is about 60-70cm wider all round and in proportion to the table, accommodating chairs when people are seated.

If you have a table for 6 people, usually the standard size is: 285 x 145 cm. So select a carpet around that size or bigger.


We usually advise to select smaller carpets for that room.